All good things come to an end...

The Tower of Time forums have been a refuge to many a Sailor Moon fafic writer over the last decade. When I founded them over eleven years ago, I had no idea what they would become or all the amazing people I would meet because of them.


However, times change and people grow up, myself included. Mods, admin, and Tower members alike have been growing farther and farther away from the community of our teens. I am pursuing graduate school, a career, international travels, and an exciting life, leaving much less time, energy, and interest for managing a set of message boards.


This moment is bittersweet for me. I will miss the Tower boards as they were, but I will not miss the responsibility of managing them as I move on. I have a world to see and a life to lead.


Thanks for all the memories and the good times!


~Song of Amazon~

July 10, 2012

Image by SailorP